Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TV Board: Detentionaire storyboard revision


  1. I love seeing how something like this comes together. Although I don't watch the show much, I do however love the characters. Their personalities are so well expressed and defined. I can't find much to dislike. I watched an episode a little while ago where Liping was at a party of some sort (I only saw that part...Aa sorry...) but in the background, there seemed to be a hand-drawn roughness to the characters. I loved it so much that I decided to try to find some of the rough drawings for it. Someone sent me a link today to your other blog. I should thank them. On another note, I'm going to assume Li-ping is Chinese, do you know how it would be spelled (in 汉字?)

  2. Thanks Sleep fox.. the show was a group effort.. and everyone worked really hard on it.. this is just my small part of the how... Not exactly sure what Lee's ethnic origin is.. no one ever explicitly told us. I think there is an episode which had a old photo of them in Korea.. so my bet would be that they're korean.